Scoliosis Treatment in Denver

Does Scoliosis Have You Twisted?

Finding Alternative Scoliosis Treatment In Denver Area

Does it seem like somethings missing in your scoliosis treatment but you just don’t know what it is? Finding the right type of scoliosis treatment in Denver may seem difficult, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Here are 5 Things to Look for When Choosing Scoliosis Treatment in Denver


1. Specialists In Scoliosis Treatment

If you are being told by a surgeon you or your child may be facing scoliosis surgery then you want to be sure that you choose a doctor that truly specializes in scoliosis treatment, not just someone who does it as a sideline to their other business.

Scoliosis treatment IS our specialty, so our doctors not only have advanced training in alternative scoliosis treatment, they are leaders in their field for non-surgical scoliosis care. Our doctors were among the first group of doctors to become Providers of SpineCor, they were recognized nationally for their work with scoliosis.

SpineCor is a dynamic tension scoliosis brace with a patented design which helps correct abnormal movement patterns of the body to help stop the progression and correct curvatures of scoliosis. Although SpineCor was initially developed for adolescents several years ago our doctors helped pioneer adaptations that made it also available for adults with scoliosis too. Traveling across the country to more than a dozen regional centers they have working tirelessly help both adolescent and adult patients with scoliosis and earned the distinction of being most experienced SpineCor providers in the country.

One of our patients, actress Ashley Argota (she plays the part of Lulu on the Nickelodeon TV show “True Jackson VP”) talks about her experience with SpineCor and specialized scoliosis exercises. See what she had to say:

Many of our patients shared their scoliosis success stories and you can see them by going to our Youtube Channel.

2. Scoliosis Treatment Research Backed

Before you choose a provider to treat your scoliosis ask if their methods of treatment are “Evidence Based” and back up in the scientific literature. You will find that in many cases the treatment methods are un-tested and sometimes look like they made their own equipment in their basement.

We find that when patients take their time to do their homework and interview doctors, more often than not they choose us because our methods and equipment are evidence based. Click here to Learn More About the Research Behind Our Scoliosis Treatment.

Parent's Guide to ScoliosisIn fact, our non-profit organization, Scoliosis Care Foundation was founded as a way to help promote scientific research on the causes, detection and non-surgical treatments of scoliosis. Our Parent’s Guide to Scoliosis was created as a resource to help parents get better educated about scoliosis and evidence based treatment options. You can get a FREE download of this book by clicking on the link.


3. Minimized Scoliosis X-ray Exposure, When Possible

The proper monitoring of scoliosis does require some x-ray analysis but it should be kept to a minimum, when possible. are needed so exposure to radiation cannot be fully but it can certainly be reduced significantly. To significantly reduce x-ray exposure to our patients, as an alternative to x-rays on follow up visits we use an advanced non- radiation form of imagery called Formetric Rastersterography.

This highly accurate technology was developed over 20 years ago and has been used by research universities and many orthopedic centers in Europe for scoliosis monitoring and because it emits no radiation we can reduce x-ray exposure to our patients by as much as 75% over the course of care.

4. Exercise for Scoliosis Should Be Specific

Since scoliosis is a unilateral rotation dysfunction of the spine it requires specific rehabilitative exercises in one direction to corrects the rotation of the spine. This means that unlike most other exercises scoliosis exercises MUST be done only in one specific direction Almost all other exercise programs are taught to be done in both directions, which can be a problem since doing exercise in the wrong direction can cause the curvatures to worsen!

For this reason, we only recommend Schroth Method of scoliosis exercises for our scoliosis patients. These scoliosis exercises were originally by Katerina Schroth for her own scoliosis and have been continually refined over the past 80 years in Germany. They are highly regarded in the scoliosis research literature and because of their effectiveness, they continue to this day to be the Gold Standard for scoliosis care in Europe.

In the United States there are only a handful of Schroth Certified Instructors that can teach these highly specialized scoliosis exercises, our doctors are among them.

5. Treatment of Scoliosis Related Conditions with Advanced Technology

Because there does not have sole causative factor that would explain all cases idiopathic scoliosis the specialist must be up to speed with many conditions related to scoliosis and know when to refer out to other types of practitioners. appear to have a variety of causations but recent advances in the understanding of scoliosis in the field of pediatric neurology has brought some profound understanding of an underlying neurological factors for certain types of scoliosis.

Recent studies in pediatric neurology has shed light on one of the most common contributing factors in scoliosis, that being upper cervical misalignment. In this case, if the top vertebra in neck called the Atlas moves out of it’s normal position it will causes pressure to the underlying structures it is designed to protect, the brainstem and cerebellum. Pressure from this misalignment can cause a back up of cerebral spinal fluid adversely affect the function of these parts of the brain that control balance and postural of the body which in turn can aggravate a scoliosis. Thus, addressing the misalignment becomes paramount in helping reduce the scoliosis curvatures

Atlas Orthogonal (AO) is the treatment of choice in our office to help reduce this type of misalignment. A.O. utilized a sophisticated analysis to determine the exact nature of the misalignment with precise x-rays of the upper neck. If it is found then it is gently re-aligns it by using a gentle pulsed Orthogonal instrument. We incorporate this treatment because it is highly effective, well researched and provides painless relief. In the initial examination if it appears that any misalignment of the Atlas may be present then further work Atlas Orthogonal work up may be recommended to determine is this is contributing to your scoliosis.

If you are looking for scoliosis treatment alternatives in the greater Denver area and would like know if our research backed treatments can help your particular scoliosis condition then get a hold of us today. Our doctors provide FREE Phone Consultations to discuss your case and will see if our non-surgical treatment options could be right for you.

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  1. I 64 years old and have had scoliosis since I was a teenager. Over the years it has gradually gotten worse to the point that I had severe pain in my lower back that went down my leg that had left me unable to enjoy doing most things in my life.

    I started going to Spinecor Associates of Denver for scoliosis treatment a few years back at the encourgement of my husband. Doctor Deutchman put me in a SpineCor scoliosis brace and taught me some scoliosis exercises to do at home.

    Since starting, I have my life back! I am pain free for the first time in recent memory. I would really recommend if that if you are an adult scoliosis pain that you check this kind of treatment out because it really works.

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