What is Your Scoliosis Curve Pattern

One of the most important things to be sure of when treating your scoliosis is knowing your specific curve pattern. Without that knowledge you run the risk of potentially doing things that may actually worsen your scoliosis.

Scoliosis Initiating Factors

3 Dimensional Distortion in Scoliosis

This is because a scoliosis curvature is a unilateral distortion of the spine. One side of the vertebra has has developed a delay in growth causing an initial tipping of the spine resulting in the development of a distortion of the vertebra at that level. Once that initiating factor has developed the body has to adjust to this distorted spine, so the muscle in the inside of the curve shorten and weaken while the muscles on the outside of the body strain to try and hold the body up.



Clinically, this requires a different type of treatment on the right and left sides. Specifically, the muscles on the inside of the curve need to be lengthened and strengthened while the muscles on the outside of the curve should be left alone, as they are already strained.

The importance of this difference cannot be overstated when it comes to scoliosis specific exercises. While doing one exercise in one direction may open up your curvature, doing that exact same exercise in the other direction may actually make your scoliosis worse!

Which Exercise Will Help This Scoliosis?

Looking at this x-ray it is quite obvious that the exercise on the left is going to help the scoliosis by opening up the lumbar curve on the left side, but look closely at the marker on the x-ray. It is a left marker but it appears to be turned around. The reason for that is the x-ray is reversed to be oriented so that you are looking at it from behind. If you do this it is quite easy to see which way you should be doing the exercise, which is why we always do that in our office.

What If the X-ray is Not Oriented So As To Be Seen From Behind?

Most conventional medical x-rays are taken so that the doctor views them from the front, like the ones below. Notice that the ” L” for the left marker is now facing the correct way but is on the opposite side. If you didn’t pay close attention and you did your corrective exercises based on this orientation then there is a good chance that if scoliosis exercises are applied then they could be done on the wrong side.

Standard X-ray Orientation for Scoliosis

Knowing Your Scoliosis Curve Pattern Is Key to Successful Treatment

Be sure to orient your x-rays from back to front (as seen below), not front to back (as seen above). This can save you (and your doctor) from accidentally doing your corrective exercises in the wrong direction.

Scoliosis X-rays

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