SpineCor Scoliosis Brace

Spine Cor - The Flexible Scoliosis Brace

SpineCor – The Incredible “Un” Brace for Scoliosis

The SpineCor Brace scoliosis brace is a flexible back brace used for treatment for scoliosis for both children and adults. In fact, this is the only type of scoliosis brace that has been proven to help those suffering from scoliosis reduce the curvatures of their spine. Many people may be wondering what makes this scoliosis brace so effective as opposed to the traditional, hard shell scoliosis braces.

The dynamic scoliosis brace consists of a stationary base in which adjustable corrective elastic bands are attached that help guide the body towards corrective movements. These elastic bands are custom fit perfectly to the patient’s body. Because the brace is flexible, it can easily be concealed underneath the clothing and is far easier to wear than the traditional hard brace, which makes compliance much better with the SpineCor brace.

Because this brace is flexible, it is highly beneficial to the patient wearing it. The elastic bands apply dynamic force to the patient’s body and work to constantly correct the curvature of the spine while the patient moves. It is crucial that a scoliosis brace not restrict the movement of the patient completely.


By allowing the patient a degree of free movement, this flexible brace has one very important advantage over the traditional static braces that immobilized the patient’s torso which made it so the patient was unable to move and caused the spinal muscles to atrophy. This weakness of spinal muscles allows the spine to collapse further into the curves which can make the scoliosis worse.

The flexible SpineCor scoliosis brace, on the other hand, allows the patient freedom of movement and reminds the body to move into the direction of correction throughout the day. As such, it helps the body develop new patterns of movement that are corrective and can reduce the scoliosis curvatures. The SpineCor brace has it’s greatest corrective action when the patient moves the patient is encourage to engage in as many recreational activities and even play sports as possible. This added movement strengthens the muscles while still providing the spine with the proper movement patterns that will help the body correct itself. Because of this corrective action wearing this type of a flexible scoliosis brace is a lot like being in physical therapy for the entirety of the day.

There is another very important benefit to employing the flexible brace. Due to how difficult to endure the traditional bracing procedure was, doctors frequently delayed the fitting of the brace until the curvature of the spine reached a point beyond twenty five degrees. However, with the flexible brace, the doctors can have the patient start wearing it much earlier.

There are many physical benefits to wearing a flexible scoliosis brace like SpineCor, but one of the most important side benefits is social. Children, frequently teenagers, wearing the hard brace would be prevented from many social activities and can feel odd at school wearing a hard turtle shell type brace but the flexible SpineCor scoliosis brace can be concealed by clothing, allowing the child to socialize as normal. This small benefit can have far reaching consequences in the future.

With SpineCor there is no reason for scoliosis to degrade a person’s quality of life. Surgery is not the only option, nor are hard plastic shell braces which make movement impossible. The SpineCor Brace is designed to help the patient by training the body to correct the curvature in a natural, gentle process, which makes the results more permanent after the brace is discontinued.

Clinical studies have shown hen used in combination with other types of corrective movement therapy, like Schroth Method of scoliosis exercises it can have a 96% success rate is stabilizing and reducing scoliosis curvatures.

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